What we have been doing in front of Lord Ganesha has now scientific backing
As anyone from south India would tell you, this is an age old custom out here. Right from the time we are kids, we are taught to do this in front of Lord Ganesha. And this form of movement is known as (as near as I can write the sound) “Thoppu-karnam”…

Which word, is related to the Sanskrit “Dvau-bhuja-karnam” [ from what I have recollect reading Mahaperiyava of Kanchi say in an article…Note: My recollection was in error. Please see correction below] The meaning of that is, ‘two hands on two ears’… And is done exactly the way described in the video.

(Correction: I had recollected the term as Dvau-bhuja-karnam… On checking Deivattin Kural, I found the reference in Vol 4… I was in error. The phrase is “Dorbhi: Karnam”.. meaning the same as Dvau-bhuja-karnam, ‘two hands on ears’. Also, please see L Srini’s comment below, on the derivation from ‘toba karna’).

I guess the folks who have scientifically checked out this “super brain yoga” should next check out “pillayaar kuttu” as well – which is knocking one’s temple (side of forehead) region three or five times.

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