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21 st APRIL, 1949


On the 28 th February, 1949, Swami Sivananda wrote a poem warning earnest Sadhaks from falling into the hands of pseudo-Gurus who misguide their followers.
Today we have a practical example of what effect such contacts have on the Sadhaka.
L.L. Bhirud, a very earnest student of Yoga, one who has received much valuable help from Siva’s teachings and thus had progressed satisfactorily along the path of divine life, writes:
‘Received your kind gift of two books. I also got your loving letter. I am really very happy to note your enthusiasm in helping me. Today I want to write about the changes in me during the last few months.
After coming to Poona, I began to study ….I first went carefully through ….
which deals with Sadhana Chatushtaya. “This book captured me at that time. But now I am studying Sri …. ’s lectures. They appealed to me so much. Now I do not find any need of belief or Guru. I do not at all like Japa. I do not at all think it necessary to follow the commands of the masters, etc. simply because they are great. I have nothing to do with God. I never think about God. There is no need to think about Him. I want to follow the dictates of my own conscience. This is a very simple and direct way of approaching the so-called Reality. I shall consult others, authorities, but not accept their views unless I find truth in them. This, I think, is a great change in me. To put into classical words, I am following Jnana Yoga. I hope you will still love me ‘as I am’.
Certainly, there is a great change ….but is it for your good or otherwise?
What was Siva’s reaction on reading this letter? He smiled and said: ‘Here is a clearer warning of what I said days ago. Here is a case to prove what I said. This is how innocent, diligent Sadhaks are lured away from the right path by miscreants who unsettle the Sadhaka’s belief and leave him in the lurch. Never, never listen to them. Never even approach the room in which their books are kept. The association of these preachers is as beneficial to the Sadhaka as is the association of an evil-minded dancing girl to a wealthy zamindar. As the dancing-girl will drain the zamindar of his resources and then leave him in the lurch, so also these preachers will drain the Sadhakas of all the spiritual wealth they possess and then leave them in a very pitiable condition, where the Sadhakas will find that they have burnt their boats in mid-stream. Beware!’

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