Paramhansa Yogananda – Chronology of his life

Posted: November 3, 2009 in Guru

Following are some important dates and events
in the life of Yogananda:

1861   Lahiri Mahasaya learns the lost science of Kriya yoga from Mahavatar Babaji on Drongiri mountain.
Lahiri Mahayasaya
1893 Birth of Paramhansa Yogananda at Gorakhpur, India. He is baptized by Lahiri Mahasaya.
Makunda at age of 6
1894 Swami Sri Yukteswar meets Babaji at the Kumbha Mela in Allahabad.
1915 Sri Yukteswar initiates Yogananda into the Giri order of swamis, founded by Shankara in the 8th century.
Sri Yukteswar
1917 Yogananda establishes his first ashram, in Calcutta, India.
Yogananda establishes his first ashram
1920 Yogananda travels to America to bring the science of Kriya yoga.
1920 International Congress of Religious Liberals at Boston
1925 He lectures in major American cities to standing room-only audiences. Yogananda establishes a center in Los Angeles.
Yogananda lectures in major American cities
1926 Yogananda leads a bhajan (chant) for 1 ½ hours at capacity-filled Carnegie hall in N.Y.C.
1935 Returns to India for a final pilgrimmage. Sri Yukteswar enters mahasamadhi (leaves his body) after their last meeting.
Yogananda with Yukteswar
1936 On the way home to America he travels and teaches in Europe.
1946 Publication of “autobiography of a yogi.”
autobiography of a yogi
1948 The day after reading the autobiography, j. Donald Walters travels to California to take discipleship with Yogananda.
Yogananda with Yukteswar
1952 Yogananda enters mahasamadhi in Los Angeles.
Yogananda enters mahasamadhi
1955 Walters is initiated as swami “Kriyananda,” in the Giri swami order of Shankara.
1968 Kriyananda establishes Ananda village in California, based on Yogananda’s instructions to him.
Kriyananda establishes Ananda village in California

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