"How to Constantly Think of God" & "Who Can Help Others?"

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Bhakti, Change Others, Discipline, Effort, Japa

A brahmachari, “Amma, how can we ALWAYS keep our minds on God?”

Mata Amirtanandamayi, “For that you need constant practice. To constantly remember God is not your natural habit, so you have to cultivate it. Japa is the prescription. Don’t stop doing Japa for a moment, not even while eating or sleeping.

“Small children who are trying hard to learn arithmetic will recite, ‘One plus one is two, pne plus two is three,’ and so on, while sitting and walking and going to the bathroom. They are afraid that if they don’t memorize the sums, they’ll be punished in class. So, no matter what they are doing, they continue to practise the sums mentally. That is what you need to do.

“Know that there is nothing in the world but God, that nothing has the power to function without Him. You should see God in everything you touch. When you pick up the clothes that you are going to wear, imagine they are God. And when you pick up your comb, see it as God.

“Think of God in the midst of every action you do. And pray, ‘You are my sole refuge. Nothing else is everlasting. No one else’s love will last. Worldy love may make me feel good for a while, but ultimately it will only end up hurting me… Only you, God, can fulfil my yearning.’ We should pray like this constantly. Without this kind of detachment, we cannot develop spiritually, nor can we help others. We should be firmly convinced that only God is everlasting.

“……We should chant our mantra continuously, while sitting, walking, and lying down. By chanting the mantra and visualising God’s form, our other thoughts will fade and our minds will be purified.”

(pgs. 38-39, Eternal Wisdom Part 2)

  1. nikhil says:

    thanks a lot, i will try to do this. that maths example is the best one, so far.

  2. Antaryamin says:

    Hari Om, Nikhil!All glories to God and Guru!I should thank you for giving me a chance to read the article again.Thanks a million!

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