So, Amma is Your Guru? Really?

Swami Paramatmananda, It’s not enough to just say, ‘Amma’s my guru, Amma’s my guru.’ If you’ve got a guru, it means that you are a disciple. There are many devotees of Amma. Anybody who’s got a little faith in Amma, who loves Amma, is a devotee of Amma.

“But a disciple is something else. A disciple is someone who reflects the guru, whose life is moulded by the gur’s example, who follows the teachings of the guru. That means you’ve got to study Amma’s teachings, you’ve got to associate with Amma, you have got to mould your life to Amma’s ideals and to what she says.

Then only you can be a disciple. Only then can you really say that Amma is your guru. Otherwise, it’s just saying and that’s not enough. Anyone can say, ‘I am a King’ or ‘I am a queen’ without being one. And if you really mould yourself to Amma’s teachings, then, you’ve got to become an instrument of Amma’s grace. It has to happen.

(pg. 64-65, Talks Vol 3)


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