How Do We Know that the Scriptures are True?

Question: How do we know that the scriptures are right, and what proof is there that the rishis’ prophecies are true?

Mata Amirtanandamayi, “Children, everything that they said has come true. Hasn’t everything that the Bhagavatam said about Kali Yuga has come to pass? ‘The father will eat the son. The son will eat the father. Forests will become houses. Houses will become shops.’ Isn’t this how things are today? The rishis ate leaves and fruit, performed tapas and realised the Truth. What about us? We live only to eat!

Our rishis prophesied a number of things ages ago. Today, what we consider amazing discoveries had been  effortlessly attained by them long ago. For example, our scientists had invented ‘test-tube babies’. However, didn’t Lord Vyasa create all the 101 Kaurava offspiring in a pot? You must remember that he infused life into a mere lump of flesh! Compared with what He did, today’s test-tube babies are nothing. Similarly, in the Ramayana, pushpaka-vimanam had been mentioned. But when did modern scientists invent airplanes? How many more such instances there are!

Amma is not putting today’s scientists and their discoveries down as insignificant. Amma is merely indicating that there is nothing that cannot be achieved by tapas. For the rishis, all these were insignificant. They could create anything by mere resolve.

In the past, there were great distances between houses. Many medicinal plants such as the neem, fig and itti would be planted around each house. When the wind blows on these plants, it carries with it the plants’ healing energy. The air would purify the atmosphere. People in thoe days held fast to truth and righteousness. However, things have changed today. People have cut down trees, and built houses and shops in their place. Truth and righteousness have lost their value.

Do qualities like mutual trust, love, sincerity, patience and renunciation still exist? If it rains, it rains heavily. If the Sun shines, it is overwhelmingly hot. When rain doesn’t fall during the crop growing season, the crops are ruined. Our ancient rishis prophesied that such things would take place. Everything is happening just as they said. (pgs. 8-9, Matruvani, Nov 2009, Vol 21, No.3) [Note: portions of the above had been edited for clarity]


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