How Come We Are Not Perfect Like God?

Posted: December 7, 2009 in Destiny, Sadhana
Question: If god is perfect and god is everywhere, how come we are not perfect and the world is full of sorrow? Where does this imperfection comes from if everything is Brahma? 
Jyortirmayananda Swami: Experience of perfection and imperfection is related to the mind. When the mind is enlightened, one sees perfection; without enlightenment, one experiences imperfection.
As long as you dream, you are not identified with your normal self, therefore, you experience the limited conditions of your dream. When you wake up, you recover your normal identity and realize that dream did not exist as reality.
In the same way, as long as the mind is afflicted with the sleep of ignorance, you experience a world of time and space based on your karmas, but when you attain enlightenment, you are no longer identified with a conditioned mind; therefore, you experience the fullness or perfection of God.
There is no imperfection beyond the ego, mind and senses. As you continue to discover your mastery over the senses by the mind, mastery over the mind by the purified intellect, you become increasingly aware of the Divine Perfection that surges in this world like the Ocean!

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