Posted: December 27, 2009 in Brahmacharya, Fasting, Gita, Japa, Prayer, Sex

I find it very difficult to keep up Brahmacharya. Suddenly I fall in the pit foolishly. Actually I am crying, but doing the same act like a dog. What is to be done?
Swami Sivananda, “Fast. Do Japa of a Mantra for three hours daily. Read the Gita, one chapter daily. Sleep in a separate room. Keep the mind fully occupied. Divert the mind. Entertain noble, sublime thoughts. Have Satsang. Do simple Pranayam with mild Kumbhaks twenty times daily. Do a lot of physical work also. Take simple food. Think that there is neither sex nor sexual Vasana in Atma. Meditate on Atma.”

(pgs. 14-15, May I Answer That?)

  1. prashant says:

    kindly tell me that what weekly routine i should follow to attain brahamcharya…….in 24 hrs wht should i do,,,,how much sleep,,,how much food….and many more ,,,kindly guide

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