Millions of Gods and Goddesses

Posted: February 2, 2010 in Are Hindu Gods Real, Hindu Gods, Hinduism, Scripture, Temple Worship
Swami Prakashanand Saraswati, “There are millions of original gods and goddesses living in all of the celestial abodes…(like the human population in various countries of this world)…All of these gods and goddesses live in the celestial abodes in their physical form and they remain the same in all ages (pg. 167, The True History and the Religion of India)
  1. Jimmy Asiegbu says:

    Hello Dear Sir,

    How are you and your family hope fine, well I contacted you to let you know that, I got your contact when I was browsing at Net. So decided to contact you to let you know that I am once A Spiritual Man here in Nigeria but reside in Guinea.

    Please I do contact you to inform you that I in need of more Power to enable me cure some other people here in AFRICA WEST COAST.

    Secondly I will like to let you know that my father was once A member there in India so that is the reason why I decided to contact you for more information needed from you as well. Please I will be leaving to hear from you once again.


    Jimmy Asiegbu.

  2. antaryamin says:

    I am well, Mr Jimmy Asiegbu; thank you. I hope the almighty God has kept you and your family well too. As the matter that you have raised is personal, I have sent you an email to discuss it. My email address is

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