Are You Truly A Disciple? Come on!

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Ammachi, Bhakti, Conviction, Disciple, Discipline, Effort, Enjoyment, Grace, Guru, Mother Amirtanandamayi, Surrender
Question: I am a disciple of Mata Amirtanandamayi. What should I do as a disciple? How should I behave? What should my behaviour be? **
Swami Paramatmananda, “…You can’t say you are a disciple of Mother’s and do whatever you like. You may be a devotee of Mother’s and do whatever you like, but if you want to be a disciple of Mother’s, you have to do whatever She says, you have to mould your life to Her ideals. A perfect disciple becomes one with Mother. If everything you do and everything you speak and everything you think is in line with Mother’s Teaching, then, the only thing that can happen is that you will merge into Mother.
It is like a radio. Suppose you want to listen to some music, and it’s on Channel ninety-nine. You tune the knob until the red needle gets exactly on nine-nine. But if it’s a bit this side or a bit that side you get static. Similarly, a disciple, who is not exactly tuned to the Guru won’t have that clear sound. The Grace won’t be completely there; partly their own mind will interfere and they’ll have a certain amount of suffering. But when you completely tune to your Guru, the Grace will flow through you and you will also enjoy the bliss of oneness with Him.”
Question: What must I do to achieve that?**
Swami Paramatmananda, “What is needed is to tune your actions, your words, your thoughts to the Guru or to the Teaching, and if you do that as He’s saying, you’ll know the Truth and the Truth will set you free…. Free from the cycle of births and deaths, from your limitations, so that you become one with the Supreme Being….”   
[There is a similar posting entitled “So, Amma is Your Guru? Really?” on this blog].

** The two questions were originally not found in the book from which the excerpts had been taken. They had been interpolated here. (Apologies to the author)
(Swamiji’s advice was found on pages 220-221 of His book, “Talks Volume 2”)

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