Does Japa Help?

Posted: March 7, 2010 in Chanting, Conviction, Fate, Grace, Japa
Question: Amma, if one does mantra japa will one achieve anything?
Amma: “Certainly, children. However, there is one thing: you must chant the mantra with concentration and devotion. Depending on the quality of your bhavana, you will gain power. One’s attitude is what matters.
“A doctor will prescribe some medicine and say, ‘When you take this medicine, your body needs to rest. You should not eat certain types of food.’ We will act accordingly, and our diseases will be cured. In a like manner, the rishies underwent spiritual austerities for eons, and were thus able to gain control over the universe, as if it were no more than a mustard seed under their finger nails. If they instructed a lifeless plank to fetch something, it would. The rishies were seers of the mantras.They have declared that certain mantras will yield certain results. They have also specified the rules relating to each mantra. If we chant the mantra accordingly, we will definitely attain the appropriate results.”
Matruvani (pg. 4, Feb 2010 Vol. 21, No. 5)

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