Choose Your Guru CAREFULLY!

Swami Sivaya Subramaniam, “Choose your guru carefully by observing the devotees around him and what they have accomplished. If he has a preparation of training prior to initiation, qualifications to meet—such as vegetarianism, scriptural study, the performance of certain disciplines over a selective period of time—if he receives NO fee for the initiation other than a GRATUITOUS dakshina afterwards—the amount left to the discrimination of the devotee, a love offering, or a contribution towards the payment of a puja in a temple to the priest—and if he provides ongoing, more intensive training and education, scripturally and culturally, after the initiation, preparing the devotee for the next stage of initiation, then you have a traditional satguru.

The above has been taken from Swamiji’s book entitled Merging with Siva (pg. 356)


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