When Do We Get a Guru?

Posted: March 16, 2010 in Guru
Yogananda Paramahansa, “If one is sincere in his search for Truth, God helps him to find a book or a teacher to inspire and encourage him. When the seeker is deeply in earnest, God sends him a guru. A guru is a God-knowing person who had been divinely appointed by Him to take the seeker as a disciple and lead him from the darkness of ignorance to the light of wisdom. Through the guru’s pure perception, God teaches the devotee. For the Lord has taken a vow of silence, and He does not address the disciple directly until that devotee has attained a considerable degree of spiritual development. God’s silence does not mean that He is cruel or indifferent. On the contrary, in His humility and love He has given man freedom to work out his own destiny. God does not wish to interfere with that free choice. He wants us to use our freedom to find Him, but He does not want to force Himself upon us.
(pgs. 405-406, The Divine Romance)

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