Studying the Scriptures Must be Accompanied by Spiritual Practices

Posted: March 26, 2010 in Disciple, Effort, Grace, Practise, Scripture; Scriptural Studies, Spiritual Progress, Theoretical Knowledge

Mata Amirtanandamayi, “Scriptural study is not the mere gathering of information about Atman or the Self. You cannot collect information about something beyond words and beyond the mind, about something incomprehensible. You can gather information about people, objects, places in the world and how to do things like computer programming, which are products of human intellect. But you cannot gather information about Consciousness. You can understand pure Consciousness only if you drop intellect and reasoning
“Study of the scriptures is to help you drop the ego and go beyond all explanations and interpretations. It is to prove the insufficiency of words, to explain that state fully. Study of the scriptures is to give you only an idea about spirituality. It explains the benefits of spiritual life. They are just explanations and conclusions. But remember, all scriptural statements and declarations have been made by those who have gone beyond the ego. To know the truth of the scriptural declarations, one must drop one’s ego.
Information and knowledge block the mind from experiencing truth. The mind and thought waves interfere with true experiencing. Suppose you want to experience the beauty of a flower. To truly experience, you need to stop interfering with mental interpretations. Just look at the flower and you will experience its beauty. In the same way, the real meaning of the scriptures can only be known in silence of the mind, then you will really learn them and experience their fullness. To stop the mind from judging is real understanding. Study the scriptures but do not think they are all there is. 
“Do not think that there is nothing beyond just studying the scriptures. Studying the scriptures must be accompanied by spiritual practices. Truth cannot be explained or interpreted. Truth can only be experienced. There is no harm in studying the scriptures with this attitude. Study the scriptures, yet remain as ignorant as a child. Then you will grow internally. 
“….Children, only the attitude, ‘I am nothing, I know nothing’ will help you reach the final state. That alone will help the Guru’s Grace to flow towards you. Approach the scriptures with that attitude, and you will really learn the scriptures. And even after studying the scriptures, try to maintain that attitude, ‘I have not studied anything; I know nothing.’ This will take you to the goal. Try to remain like a child throughout your life and you will really learn. Study the scriptures with this attitude.”
(pgs. 50-53, Awaken, Children Vol 6)

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