Are You a Tourist Or a Pilgrim? by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

What is the difference between a tourist and a pilgrim?
Both are on a journey. Where a tourist satisfies the sense, a pilgrim is in a quest for truth. A tourist gets tired and tanned, while a pilgrim sparkles with spirit. Every move a pilgrim makes is done with sacredness and gratitude, while a tourist is often preoccupied and unaware.
A tourist compares his journey with other experiences and places and thus is not in the present moment. But a pilgrim has a sense of sacredness so he tends to be in the present moment.
Most people in life are just tourists without even being aware of it. Only a few make their life a pilgrimage. Tourists come, look around, take pictures in their minds, only to come back again. But pilgrims are at home everywhere – they are hollow and empty.
When you consider life as sacred, nature waits on you.
Are you a tourist or a pilgrim?
(pg. 26, An Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker)

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