New Cap Attempt ‘Will Fail’ as Stated June 4th 2010 by Mitch Battros

Head-in-hand, I can only repeat what I reported on June 4th 2010. “I feel shameful, and I am guilty, for not coming forward with what has been passed to me from the geological community, and a few geo-petro specialists with inside information. It appears BP has always known they cannot stop this rupture. At best August, but many are now thinking early 2011.”


What I didn’t realize at the time of the above report, was the US administration has been involved and supportive of this known playbook of: “we will know something in the next 24 hours – we will know something in the next 48 hours – we will know something in the next 72 hours.” Then the week passes, a new week begins and the same deceptive lies are repeated again and again.

The goal is to have you one day say: “I’m sick of hearing about this oil crap, what’s the latest on Lindsay Lohan?” or “who won on America’s got Talent?” As pathetic as this sounds, it is a factual method of lulling the American people to sleep.

It is far more easy to understand BP’s motives for this shameful trickery, but why would all branches of the US government participate? Yes, Republicans as well as Democrats and even Independents are guilty. —  But Why?


To my mind, there is only one answer. Everyone involved knows of the cracks (fissures) on the seabed. It would be impossible to cap the well which has a tremendous pressure of 12,000 psi or greater, and not expand or explode the current cracks (fissures) surrounding the oil reservoir.

One question I cannot answer is why the US administration will not simply come out with the truth telling the world of this dire situation? There is obviously more to this picture than meets the eye. What that is – only a very select few know the answer.


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