Perfect Faith is Self-Realisation by Swami Paramatmananda

Mother says—and we know it, we’re all spiritual-minded—that the goal of human life is God-realisation; that the thirst that we have for happiness, which never subsides whatever we may do, can be satisified only in the bliss of God-realisation. Because the thirst is infinite, only something that’s infinite can satisfy it. So, nothing we do that is finite, that gives a finite bliss, can yield the satisfaction we’re seeking. And we can never turn off that thirst. We can never say, “Oh, I’ve had enough of this! I’m just going to be happy.” You can’t just be happy unless you merge into God, or unless you realise your real Self.

Mother says that for that to be possible, we need perfect faith. In fact, perfect faith is Self-realisation or God-realisation. 

(pg. 43, Talks, Vol. 1)

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