Amma on Discipline

“Discipline is needed for a sadhak. If we do not consider discipline as being important, then we won’t take spiritual life seriously,” Mata Amirtanandamayi [pg. 81, Awaken Children Vol. 4]

“One latecomer was standing just outside the door, hoping to get in without Mother noticing him. As he tried to sneak inside, Mother suddenly got up from where She was sitting and walked towards the door. Giving him a serious look, She said, “Don’t you know 4:30 is the time for meditation?” He tried to answer, “Yes, Mother, but…” The Mother interrupted, “No buts… if 4:30 is the time for meditation, you must be here for it…,” Mata Amirtanandamayi [pg. 80, Awaken, Children Vol. 4]
If asked what dharma is, Mother would say, “It is doing the required actions at the right time in the proper manner”. [pg. 179, Eternal Wisdom Part 2]

“A general routine should be followed. Everyone must come during the bhajan. One person mediates, another one does pranayama and some others do bhajan All these are not right,” Mata Amirtanandamayi (pg. 216, Awaken Children, Vol. 1)


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