No Meat for the Former President

USA, October 13, 2010: After undergoing a quadruple bypass five years ago, former President Bill Clinton was hospitalized in February with a clogged artery. Two stents placed inside the artery took care of the problem at the time, but Clinton decided he didn’t want it to happen again.
So he reportedly did some research himself and found 82 percent of heart attack patients since 1986 who had gone on a plant-based diet could heal themselves. Not only is he healing his heart, but in the process Clinton has lost 24 pounds.
A healthy diet and lifestyle are the best weapons a person can have not only to fight heart disease, but a laundry list of other ailments. Just ask a dietician. “About 15 percent of my patients are prediabetic, 15 percent overweight or obese children, 15 percent high cholesterol, 2 percent eating disorders and the remaining population is diabetes,” said Angelica Gronke, a registered dietician at ThedaCare’s Appleton Medical Center.

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