God’s Nursery and Ostrich Flight

Aware But Unconcerned
Someone wrote to me to thank me for posting Swamiji Sivananda Maharaj’s article entitled “Eighteeen-ities”. That particular message is meant for everyone — all and sundry.

Some people are aware of their pratfalls and failures but prefer the soft and soothing comfort of oblivion; they have to take the fall for their situation.

Worst Fools in God’s Creation
There are, of course, others who are keenly aware of and highly sensitive to the obvious journey down the spiritual declivity. They attempt to do something for a while—just for a while until the symptoms improve—and blithely revert to their old ways. They are, I feel, the worst fools in God’s creation.

Unfortunately, to this latter category most so-called spiritual ignoramuses belong.

God is Running a Nursery?

God is, indeed, merciful, loving and compassionate. But He is not running a nursery for seekers who want a PhD in spirituality. Unless some concerted efforts have been put in—that means virtual concerted efforts—He shall keep the doors to rebirths and Hell wide open for all eligible candidates!

Ostrich Syndrome

I am glad that you have, just like me, found the sermonette valuable. The next step is to pull our heads out from the sordid ground of self-deception, sophistry and vanity, and immediately take long strides away from Maya.

Swami Sivananda: “Let your words agree with the thoughts; let your actions agree with your words…” (pg. 165, How to Cultivate Virtues and Eradicate Vices)


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