>Wanna Know What Dancing Is?


SRI SWAMI VENKATESANANDA: “Was it to remove a Puranic misconception that Siva danced? Lord Siva’s Tandava-Nritya even now evokes dreadful awe in the heart of the devotee; it signifies the end of a world-cycle, a Pralaya. Before our very eyes Bhagavan Sivananda has often danced; we now realise that Lord Siva’s Tandava-Nritya, too, should have been a bliss-radiating spectacle, transporting those who are fortunate to witness it, to realms of bliss and peace. Siva’s dance does signify the end of a world-cycle; those who have witnessed it are liberated here and now from the cycle of birth and death.

“On the lecture platform Siva would sing:

Sunaja Sunaja Sunaja Krishna!
Tu Gitavala Jnana Sunaja Krishna


Agad Bhum Agad Bhum Bhaje Damaru
Nache Sadasiva Jagad-Guru

“Sivananda would dance like Krishna, with a countenance radiating bliss; and change the Sankirtan Dhvani and with a serenely peaceful expression do the Tandava-Nritya. Why did he combine the two? Is it to reveal to us that Krishna’s Rasa-Lila, Siva’s Tandava-Nritya and Sivananda’s Dance had the same message to mankind, and led man, through self-surrender and annihilation of the little individual self, to liberation from Samsara?

“Young and old, men and women, rich and poor, and high officials and haughty leaders-would dance with Siva. Siva’s bliss is highly infectious. Once he danced in Lahore; people who had no faith in Saguna-Upasana, in His Name, began to dance, too, and their headgears rolled on the ground; so blissfully self forgetful were they. Siva’s dance liberates us from our own little self’s vanities.” (An excerpt from “All About Sivananda”)

Swami Haridoss Giri on “ecstatic dancing”:

Mata Sri Amirtanandamayi dances:

Of course, there are also other great souls:


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