>Have Faith In God by Swami Sivananda

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Atheism, Atheist, Faith, Faith in God, God


The following is an excerpt from Swami Sivananda’s book called “God Exists”.

 25. Faith in the laws of nature is faith in God. The whole world runs under definite, well-established laws. There is no such thing as chance or accident. God or Ishwara is Tatastha-lakshana (accidental attribute) of Brahman only. For the sake of pious worship of Bhaktas, the Nirguna (without attributes) Brahman simply appears as Saguna (with attributes) Brahman. In reality there is no such thing as Saguna Brahman. There is existence only. That is Reality. That is Truth.

26. Just as you see a tree in front of you, there must be somebody to see the activities of the mind. Otherwise “Kartru-Kartavya Bhava Sambandha Virodha”(a feeling of contradiction in the relationship between the performer and the performance) will come. That somebody is Kutastha Brahman (deep-seated Reality).

27. The simplest comparison of two ideas and the recognition of them as like or unlike presupposes the indivisible unity of that which compares them, an Atma external to the content with which it deals.

28. The relief that is obtained by remembrance of God in adversity indicates that there is a supreme Power who guides and controls human beings.

29. Even a rank materialist and an atheist cries out for help “O God! forgive me, protect me,” when he comes face to face with a tiger in a thick forest, when he is in great distress, when he is in a helpless condition, while the steamer in which he travels is in a sinking condition, when he suffers from paralysis, when there is an earthquake or volcanic eruption, when he is left alone at dead of night amidst thunder and lightning.

30. An atheist says that there is no God. But that knower who knows the non-existence of God is Brahman.

31. A Sunyavadin says that there is only Sunya (void). But that knower who knows the Sunya is Brahman (God).

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