False Pride by Swami Paramananda Puri

Posted: December 25, 2011 in False Pride, pride, Swami Paramananda
  1. Paramananda Puri Das says:

    “The formless took a form. To perform a task?” That is impossible, because Sri Sankaracharya who brought us the illusory idea that the “absolute is formless”, insisted that the impersonal Brahman has “no form no attributes, no personality and no qualities” It therefore it could not have manifested a form by deciding to do so. Not only that, in order to decide to take on a form, the so called formlessness energy has to have had personality. Therefore The Absolute Truth is personal from the beginning and this statement of the Swami is misleading. The Vedas state categorically “Krishnas tu Bhagavan svayam” Krishna is the absolute Personality Of Godhead and Krishna states in the Gita “There is no truth above me everything rest on me like pearls on a string” He also states that the impersonal brahman emanates from Him alone and therefore it can not be the other way round.

    • antaryamin says:

      Sorry for the late reply.

      I am but curious whether you really are “Paramananda Puri Das” or have you created this identity for the sake of the so-called “discussion” that you are purposing to enter with me here?

      Before I go on any further, may I know whether you have read any of Sri Sankaracharya’s works in their original? The reason for this question is, I can see that you have got the wrong end of the stick about His philosophy. For instance, where in His works have you found that He has insisted that Brahman has no form or attributes (at all)? (Or, are you relying upon some mischievious interpretation that your tradition has proverbially been known to give certain texts in the Hindu scriptures?)

      Anyhow, I should like to engage you in this discussion (so long as I perceive no evidence of its being de trop). First, may I, in this regard, interest you in Sri Krishna’s exhortation in Gita 10:32 (a text I am sure people in your tradition are more than just familiar with)? — I should particularly like to draw your attention to the noun phrase “pravadatam”.

      Let me know whether you belong to the category that Sri Krishna has spoken scathingly of.

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