Glory Behind Idol Worship by Swami Sivananda

Idol worship purifies the mind, causes concentration and generates divine Bhav in the worshipper. The mind is divinised. ‘As a man thinketh, so he becomes,’ is the immutable psychological law. The worshipper superimposes the Lord on the idol. Aspirants in the initial stages cannot at all commune with the all-pervading Brahman without attaining perfection in Bhakti Yoga. Lord Guaranga saw Sri Krishna in the Murthi of Jagannath Puri, went into an ecstatic mood to embrace the Murthi and swooned. So, too, was Mira Bai, whose Bhakti is indescribable. It is, indeed, a pity that nowadays people, who are immersed in worldliness and sensuality, doubt the efficacy of idol worship.

O aspirants! Always approach problems of Divinity with optimism and love. 

(pg. 86, Sermonettes of Swami Sivananda)

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