No Time for Spiritual Practice

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Busy, Chanting, Life's Purpose, Meditation, No time, Purpose of Life, Sadhana
Question: Many obstacles confront me — I have no time to meditate, I am very tired from work, there are many demands upon me — yet something inside pushes me to keep searching.

Swami Muktananda: “That force inside you that keeps pushing you to search for something spiritual in your life is the real Truth.

Is it only for spiritual practices that you don’t have time? Or, don’t you have time for anything else either? Everything else is ordinary, but this is most important. If you don’t have time for the inner search that will take you to the highest levels of consciousness, what is the point of just eating, drinking, and living in the outer world? If you don’t make time to work for your spiritual growth, what is the point of your human birth?

“Just as you have divided up your time for the different things you do in your life, you should also find time for meditation, becuase this is far more important than anything else. If you can’t find any time for it, at least meditate when you lie down to sleep. Start repeating the mantra and it will continue through your sleep. Even that will probably be enough for you.

“The situation that I find people trapped in amazes me. They say they don’t have time for realisation, they don’t have time for spiritual wealth, they don’t have time for inner peace. They don’t have even a hope of attaining any of these things if they continue as they are. What can you possibly get out of a life that is so intensely fast? At least, do something for your spiritual growth when you lie down to sleep.”

(pg. 5, From the finite to the Infinite)


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