Be Indifferent to Praise and Censure

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Bachelor, Censures, Criticism, Indifferent, Praises
Swami Sivananda: “If you marry, people will say that you are a lustful man. If you do not marry, they will say you are impotent man. If you worship, people will say you are a hypocrite or a false devotee. If you do not worship, they will say you are an atheist. There is no one on earth who is not blamed. It s very difficult to please the world. Even Sri Sankara, Lord Krishna, Rama and Siva are criticised. Then, what about poor human beings who are full of faults? Do not, therefore, bother about praise or censure. Rise above censure and praise and identify yourself with the Atma and supreme Self.”

(pg. 138, Sermonettes of Swami Sivananda)

  1. Ohh! What a beautiful blog. Worth reading. Thanks a lot for this ‘Bhagirath Prayas’.
    Om Tatsat.

  2. Jivanti says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog. Very interesting 😉 Ellam pugallum anthe iraivene key which means All Glories to the Almighty. 😉

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