Your Friends are Your Real Enemies

“The so-called friends are real enemies. You cannot find a single unselfish friend in this universe. Be careful. Friends come to have idle talks with you and they waste your time. They want to pull you down and make you worldly. Do not be carried away by the flowery speech of such friends. Cut off connection ruthlessly. Live alone at all times. Trust in that Immortal friend who dwells in your heart. He will give you WHATEVER you want. If you cannot have positive Satsanga of mahatma, have negative Satsanga with books written by realised sages, saints and Bhagavatas.” (pg. 266, Sure Ways for Success in Life by Swami Sivananda)

Swami Sivananda: “Friends are hypocritical cheats. Relatives are selfish bugs. There is none on whom you can depend except God.” (pg. 219, Revelation)


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