Scientists and Paramahansa Yogananda on the Human Brain

Dr. Richard Restak, M.D. (Neuroscientist, who has 18 books on brain to his credit): “…Located to the front of the brain, the frontal lobes are responsible for our most evolved feelings and behaviors such as ethics, altruism, and compassion. The frontal lobes are also important in foresight, planning, and follow-through. Foreseeing the likely consequences of one’s action requires normally functioning frontal lobes. Some adults seem to be frontally challenged when it comes to these frontal-lobe functions.” (pg. 14, Think Smart [2009 edition])

Paramahansa Yogananda: “Coarser forces of the mind manifest in grosser structures of the body, but the fine forces of the soul — consciousness, intelligence, will, feeling — require the medulla and delicate tissues of the brain in which to dwell and through which to manifest.

“In the simplistic terms, the inner chambers of the palace of king Soul are in the subtle centres of superconsciousness, Christ or Krishna consciousness… and Cosmic Consciousness. These centres are, respectively, in the medulla, frontal part of the brain between the eyebrows (seat of the or spiritual eye), and at the top of the cerebrum (the throne of the soul, in the ‘thousand-petaled lotus’)…” (pg. 11, Commentary on Gita 1:1: God Talks with Arjuna [1995 edition])


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