Think and Talk of God

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Gossiping, Idle gossiping, Life's Purpose, Live for God, Realise God, World of pain
Swami Sivananda: “Live for God. Spread the message of divine life to one and all you meet in the course of your daily activity. When you meet your friend, you ask: ‘How many children have you got? What is your salary? what is your bank balance? How is the war situation? Which cinema did you see yesterday? Are you going to Simla this year?’, etc. Instead of all this, you should ask: ‘Have you controlled the mind? Have you disciplined the senses? Are you peaceful? Have you attained Samadhi or Brahma Jnana? Have you developed divine virtues? How many hours do you meditate?’

Give up idle gossiping. They do not give you mental peace. They fill your mind with unnecessary, painful, worldly thought. Fill your mind with divine thoughts. Remember always that this is a world of pain and death and that your foremost duty is to realise God, to realise the self, where alone you can find peace, joy and eternal life.” (pg. 80-81, Sermonettes of Swami Sivananda)


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