Singapore English and Indian English

All the following sentences are non-standard English sentences:

1. Recently, we found a question paper.
2. Yesterday, I went to see a movie.
3. In the park, the bombs were placed.
4. At four o-clock, the movie begins.

Not only are the above common in Singapore English but they are also typical examples of Indian English. In such sentences, when an item is being discussed, it is often placed at the beginning and the details about it are given after it. It is a common feature of Indian English: the adverbial indicating place, time, and other additional information is placed at the beginning of a sentence rather than at the end.

Often, even objects in a sentence get fronted:

5. This book I will return tomorrow. [Should be, “I will return this book tomorrow.”]
6. That you told me. [Should be, “You told me that.”]
7. Five minutes (also) I am not getting. [Should be, “I am not getting five minutes.”]

Source: pgs. 51-52, “Dialects of English: Indian English”.


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